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Capri fish fillet
Fish fillets in soy sauce
Fish fillets with parsley hot sauce
Poached sole provencale
Trout fillet with sour cream and cucumber sauce
Tuna fillet with balsamic glaze
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Potato and Cheddar Cream Mold
Apple crunch
Acorn Squash Stew
Molded Rice with Meat Filling
Beef Heart Anticuchos
Green Tamales 2
Butter and Sugar Cookies
Purple Corn Pudding
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Oriental Chicken Salad
Shrimp in Ocopa Sauce
    Easy and inexpensive crepes 
Crepes No. 1
Three cheese crepes
Paprika crepes with chicken fricasse
Ricotta and parsley crepes with tomato sauce
Baked crepes stuffed with ratatouille
Crepe roll appetizers
    Popular rice recipes   
  Chicken always a favorite  
Chicken in basil sauce
Hawaiian chicken
Chicken a la king
Bbq chicken with ketchup
Chicken in creamy peanut sauce
How to peel a potato in 5 seconds
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    Winter vegetables  
Broccoli Cabbage Cauliflower Celery Lettuce
Broccoli in cheese sauce Cabbage and grape salad Cauliflower Russian style Cold tomato mold Assorted lettuce and tarragon salad
Snow peas Squash Sweet potato Avocado Artichoke
Fish fillets in soy sauce Squash tart Sweet potato croquettes Seared tuna with avocado and sauce Artichoke tart
The other white meat, trusted and healthy recipes
Glazed ham Glazed pork tenderloins in aji and honey sauce Pork loin cutlets with lemon thyme sauce Pork chops with mushroom sauce
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