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Chicken with Spicy Rice
Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
Rice with Scallop Sauce
Green Noodles
Marinated Pork
Coconut alfajor
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Potato and Cheddar Cream Mold
Apple crunch
Acorn Squash Stew
Molded Rice with Meat Filling
Beef Heart Anticuchos
Green Tamales 2
Butter and Sugar Cookies
Purple Corn Pudding
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Fish Burger
Beef Burger

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      Add greens to your diet   
Give yourself a health boost at home
Sparkling tropical fruit juice 
Cream Cheese with Spinach and Garlic
Asparagus and Potato Soup
Angel Hair with Shrimp and Broccoli
Spinach and Parsley Roll filled with Salmon
Vegetable Mold
Sauteed Snow peas with Carrots and Cashews
Two Color Terrine
Fish fillet with Leeks, Snow peas and chili
Rice Pilaf with Peas, Mushrooms and Bacon
  Grapes, fresh and tasty   
Fresh grapes are simple, fresh, tasty and are fantastic foods in today's menus.
This food is very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a very good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K. A large portion of the calories in this food comes from sugars.
Eating Grapes Does Your Heart Good
Until recently, research on the heart-protective benefits of grapes has focused mainly on wine and grape juice. But what about grapes eaten fresh, known as table grapes?  see more
  Grapes, queen of the fruits  
 Celebrate the 2015 harvest
Ham, cream cheese and grape appetizers
Grape appetizers with roquefort cheese and    nuts
Sea bass with grapes and champagne soup
Arugula, warm goat cheese, portobello and   grapes salad with sherry vinaigrette
Lettuce, spinach; grapes and mandarin
Lettuce, new potatoes, prosciutto and grape   salad
Fresh fruit delight
  Mealtime moments  
Menu 1  
Sparkling tropical fruit juice
Parmesan scallops 
Lima bean puree
Grilled asparagus with mozzarella
Fried ice cream
Menu 2
Peach daiquiri
Ground chicken roll with leek and watercress sauce
Artichoke flan
Apple compote with vanilla cream
Menu 3
Passion fruit juice
Cheese puffs
Pasta with three color pepper sauce
Spinach, mushroom and bacon salad
Chocolate spumoni
  On a wheat-free or lactose-
  free diet?
 Check out our new recipes both GLUTEN and  LACTOSE-FREE!! This time we focus on  meats…
Chicken in port sauce
Duck breasts with green, pink / black    peppercorn
Chicken cacciatore
see more
How to prepare whipped cream

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